Structural Concrete Contractor

Homestead Concrete & Drainage specializes in civil concrete contracting across Florida. With over three decades of experience and comprehensive licensing. Our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability ensures we meet the highest standards for federal, state, and private clients. Trust HCD for your civil concrete needs—delivered on time and within budget.

Concrete Flatwork Contractor

Homestead Concrete specializes in concrete flatwork across Florida. Our licensed team delivers high-quality driveways, sidewalks, patios, and floors for residential, commercial, and public projects. Trust HCD for exceptional craftsmanship and reliable, on-time, and within-budget results.

Place & Tie Reinforcing Steel

Since Dormark's inception in 1977, we have been a leader in placing and tying reinforcing steel. We are the rebar placement and tying company that goes the extra mile. Our experienced rebar teams will ensure that all the reinforcing steel bars in concrete construction are properly placed and tied.

Concrete Joint Sealing

Homestead Concrete has all of the experience, tools and knowledge to effectively install dowel bar baskets and seal joints for any roadway, airport runway or taxiway. Our crews are well trained with years of experience and maintain a high level of safety. We can handle any joint sealing job, period.

Slip-Form Concrete Barrier Rail

With nearly 25 years of slip-form experience, Dormark Construction is a leader in the slip-forming of concrete barrier rails and medians in the Midwest. As an experienced contractor, we stay on top of new concrete slip-forming technology for all shapes of median barriers and rails.

Quality Construction Since 1981

Why choose Homestead Concrete?

Experience:  With our vast experience and innovative thinking combined with a competent workforce, we are able to get jobs done ahead of schedule.

Communication:  With a seamless flow of information, we are able to keep our operations moving forward, preventing costly delays or lost days of work.

Safety:  We follow and adhere to all safety requirements for any and all projects and believe in being pro-active when it comes to safety. We are SAFETY FIRST!

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